Thursday, June 07, 2012


Happy Birthday!!!
This first year has gone by WAY to FAST!
Tate opening presents with Autumn's help.  Tate loved having his cousins there to celebrate, and was so excited to see them!

 Tate clapping with everybody -The presents are Open let's Play!
 Tate, Halley, Autumn
We Celebrated Tate's Birthday with some of our friends and family that live close by.  Tate wasn't used to having so many people around, but he loved all the attention.  We started by opening presents.   Grandma Jake gave him a push toy with lights and sounds-ALL The kids at the party were fighting for this one. And Colby and I gave him a big Tonka Dump Truck, a smaller truck that lights up with sound, and some bubbles, small ball, and small truck. Our cousins brought Tate a Big Ball and a T-Rex.
 Then we had cake and ice cream.  I saw this idea on the internet and thought it was so cute, So I gave it a try.  Tate and I have a few farm books that he loves, so I thought this would be fun for his birthday. It was so fun to make, and I love all the little animal cupcakes! Up top there are cats with coconut Icing and black whiskers, Brown Horses with coconut manes and cake pop noses, yellow coconut chicks, pink pigs, and white sheep.  So cute!
 At First Tate just wanted the candle and took a bite out if it! I had to dig the wax out of his mouth. He didn't really want to dig in and get dirty, so finally I gave him a spoon and he went to town.

 And he loved his John Deere Tractor cake, and had a wonderful time demolishing it with a spoon. 
 Tate has started walking too.

 Colby made this rocking horse for Tate too.  Tate loves it!
Tate Brings so much joy and happiness into our lives! We are so blessed to have him and so Thankful that Heavenly Father sent him to us! 

Thursday, March 29, 2012

 We had our first camp fire of the season and had a hot dog roast down at the river with Grandma Jake.  It was a lot of fun and Tate loved it.  It was SO nice to get out and enjoy some nice weather.
Tate helping Daddy drive the four wheeler down to the river

Tate is walking along things and crawling all over the place, even up the stairs
Pulling himself up

It has been a struggle trying to feed Tate- he only wants to nurse.  We bought a high chair in an effort to make eating a better experience.  However, he still doesn't want to eat very much. 

Tate relaxed at the dinner table- I love his foot resting on the table- so cute.
Tate's favorite thing is ripping  up paper and tissues.  What a mess, but it is so cute and fun to see him learning.

So this is a terrible picture of me, but I cut my hair.  It was past the bottom of my shoulder blades, but I needed a change.  It is shorter than I planned on, but cute.
Tate loves to play with wipes.  We don't let him play with them if we can help it, but when he gets a hold of them he pulls them out one by one and sorts them into piles. 

They must taste good too, because he always wants to eat them.
My friend has taught me how to crochet, and I really enjoy it.  But I think Tate enjoys pulling out what I crocheted more.

Tate learning to walk while daddy pulls the laundry basket across the floor
Tate helping with laundry
Helping fold
Helping re-fold what has been folded already
Funny face
Caught in the act.  Tate loves to play with real things more than he does toys.  While I am in the kitchen I let him play with cooking utensils
He has also figured out where I store my mixing bowls.
Tate is such a happy boy.  This is probably the last time he has sat in his bouncer since he has moved on to  bigger and better things like crawling and trying to walk.

Friday, October 28, 2011

I Never Thought It Could Be this Good!
So recently Colby is always telling me that Tate is SO CUTE! All the TIME- and of course I agree! So I thought I would share the latest cuteness.
Tate and mama

Tate and Daddy trying out Tate's new winter hat.  Colby has really been bonding with Tate more and more lately.  I love this.  Colby will hold Tate all through church while I play the organ.  I was really worried about this at first, but Colby loves this time with just the two of them.

When Tate wakes up he is SO happy and can't wait to tell us about it.

This is how we conquer the laundry battle at our house.  The only problem is that Tate likes to pull the clean cloths out and stuff them in his mouth!

We love it though

Tate and Daddy

Dear Charlotte- Your webs in our front window were beautiful, but we were afraid of babies comming in the house.  We just hope the bug spray caused instant death so you didn't have to suffer too much.

Tate's first hair cut! August 14th.  My sister Heidi did the job because I was too scared to.

Tate didn't really like it, but did really well.

He was please with the result at the end though

Tate was scared of my dad and brother Spencer.  Every time he would look at either of them he would cry.  When he looked away he was happy as a lark.

Tate, Spencer, and Kaytlee.  Kaytlee is three months older than Tate.

First time in the Bumbo and first time eating ceral.

Tate's Sunday best.

Helping mama open birthday presents.  Tate really loved the paper.

Opps! Caught eating holes in the wrapping paper

Tate is so smiley, even with a terrible cold.  He brings us so much joy!

He is getting good at using his hands

Colby checked on Tate the other night and then came to me and said, "I love that little boy." Then a little later after non stop talking about how much he loves Tate he said,"I just didn't know it would be this good!"